There are so many like him. Honest decent and just wanting the live in a society where Liberty and freedom are the bedrocks.

The greatest threat to America is the institutionalization of a way of thinking that replaces merit and equality with equity, that establishes race and sex as social constructs and stifles free speech. It is not people like the gentlemen in the video

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Sep 22, 2022Liked by Jeff Einstein

Thank you.....this is just like the Trudeau regime vilifying Canadians for not agreeing with him about the experimental shots and what he did and continues to do with the Freedom Convoy...... same script...... https://twitter.com/hashtag/TrudeauMustGo?src=hashtag_click

There are so many of us like him..... all over the world.......where their WEF leaders did this to them too...... https://twitter.com/search?q=%23WEFpuppet&src=typeahead_click&f=top

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What a thrill to see my name on your site! Thank you my friend.

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2024 has three potential outcomes: Trump victory, Trump loss and a fateful tie.

A clear win or a clear loss will be OK, Trump supporters will probably accept that outcome. Trump won’t change anything anyways as demonstrated by his presidency, the administrative state will continue as it sees fit whoever occupies the White House. 

However, should it be tie and the D’s abscond with the White House (again) I think Trump could call for an armed insurrection.

I’m a Canadian. Canadians are altogether feckless. Americans, I suspect, are very different and they have the means : The most heavily armed civilian population in human history. I wonder what they will do if their man calls for a coup d’état.

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Perfect formulation by a proud new American.

As for the sundowner-in-chief, poor guy, he does what he is told and then is no doubt brow beaten when he inevitably screws up.

The speech was a muscular and sincere statement of true belief by the president’s handlers. That speech clearly demonstrates the insecurity of the elite and signals their intention to fight fire with fire. They feel threatened, they see the threat as being someday kinetic and that speech a marker that they will not capitulate. They hate us.

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