Sep 15, 2022Liked by Jeff Einstein

No that was a well written piece. Very descriptive of what is seeming to be happening today in our society. There is one thing I would like to throw into the mix: God, Great Spirit, Krishna, etc. No matter how hard the oligarchs try they cannot overcome the innate need of the individual to seek the Higher Self. The oligarchs being material beings like the rest of us; having the same needs, urges and desires as the rest of us; they cannot escape the same constraints we all face: birth, death, disease, old age, bodily issues, mental issues, etc. These same types of beings have since time immemorial been trying to foist the same shit onto the majority of peoples and, always, fail. Yes, there is the strife, pain, bloodshed and unnecessary death and destruction. In the end, the oligarchs are the one who pay the ultimate price: the failure of their plans. It takes just a few stand ups from the people to stand up and say, "Fuck off!" to cause the tumbling of all their plans of grand domination. It is the innate push and desire for freedom that drives us. If God Himself couldn't convince us to stay in Heaven what can a few putzes do? Just throwing that out there.

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